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Our Residents

“James just loves his outings with Marc and his buddy Murray. Every time we chat, he talks about his recent adventures! What a wonderful, unique service!

​ – Benjamin Feinberg – James’ son-in-law
James Warnick is one of the true treasures at New World Villas. A native of the blue grass state of Kentucky James’ early years were spent mostly on the baseball diamond (he says his curveball was his best pitch!) and on the football field. As an adult James loved anything that moved fast, whether it was a slick car or his days as an F-86 fighter pilot. Ask James about life in the cockpit and you will hear an amazing tale you won’t soon forget! James has an incredible zest for life and his personality is infectious with other residents. Some of his favorite activities include: hanging out with our therapy dog Murray, going out for donuts and coffee, long walks, and simple reminiscing. Keep it up James, we cherish everyday with you!

We understand the difference an intimate friendly environment and personal attention can make in your loved one’s day. All our homes are located in quiet residential neighborhoods. Many of our residents come to us from the immediate neighborhood and surrounding areas. We cherish their life experiences and unique personalities which we delight in learning more about every day.

James calls his beautiful neighborhood walks with Murray “the highlight of my day”. The blue skies inspire James to reminisce about his days as a fighter pilot!